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The value of investing in quality professional family photos

Ever wonder what the added value of investing in professional quality photography would be and if it’s worth it? You are not alone.

With hundreds of beyond happy families and couples we served, here is the answer upfront: The added value is beyond the money you paid, and it’s certainly worth every penny.

1 - Image and print quality
Are you satisfied with the cell phone selfies, instantaneous on-the-go snapshot? They may be good for Instagram and Facebook sharing and very convenience for showing them to your friends and family on your phone. However, we all know the quality is not good enough for large print to be framed and hanged on your walls, or holiday cards to be sent to families and friends, and even set as computer screen background. Not only the composition, the poses, and background are not carefully designed, the photo images quality (i.e., color balance, color density, focus, sharpness, contract etc) are usually not good once you enlarge it. That’s why many families turn to professional photographers to create quality images for holiday cards, wall arts etc., and have professional family portrait at least once a year.

2 - The best representation possible
When taking snapshot of the family, what is the chance of getting the right background, right poses, right expressions of the whole family together? The chance become even slimmer as number of kids involved increased. We know as parents of tree littles girls ourselves. A lot of factors needed to be synced to create one beautiful image: the poses, the background, the camera setting, the angel of sunlight, the energy and emotion, and the outfits etc. The beautiful moments that’s captured so much more pleasing and vivid, unlike many other merchandises, will only appreciate over time as your family grows and changes. It may seem expensive to some now, but certainly will not after just a few years.

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