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The Happier the Bride, the More Beautiful the Photos

Your wedding photos will become a cherished memory of the day the two of you began your new life together.Naturally, you want them to capture the joy of moment and show you at your most beautiful and radiant.For a photographer to snap the gorgeous photos you want and deserve, you must cast aside all stress or worries of the day.Unfortunately, if you do not, it will show on your face, and you may be disappointed with the final result.

There are some things you can plan in advance to avoid any last minute decision making or rushing on your special day.For example, you can create a list of all the different types of family photos you would like taken in advance, in consultation with both sides of the family.This way, you have plenty of time to take into account the feelings of others in the decision making.Perhaps you have a family member that doesn’t wish to be photographed with another, or perhaps you know it would mean the world to your uncle to have a photo of just the two of you together.Advance planning will avoid you being bombarded with special requests at a time when you should be relaxing and enjoying yourself.

Another idea is if that you do not have an event planner, you can assign a trusted friend to be the “go-to” person for the day.Make sure they have a copy of the itinerary and are briefed on every aspect of how you want the wedding to go.Make it clear to friends and family with questions that they should be directed toward your friend.Even if your friend ends up having to consult you on a few issues throughout the day, having just one person to deal with is infinitely less stressful than being barraged by multiple well-meaning guests when you have your wedding day to focus on.

Finally, be flexible.Remind yourself in advance that as much as you want everything to be perfect, there is a chance something will not go according to plan.If something does go wrong, remember you have a choice in how you react.Ultimately, what matters at the end of the day is not a layer of cake being out of place or the florist sending the wrong bouquets, but marrying your true love.

~April and Steven

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