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Family Styling Guide

What should I wear for a family photoshoot session?

Styling tips to help you and your family to choose the perfect outfits for a family portrait photoshoot session.
Photos where you put effort in styling and coordinating the outfits for yourself and the family, always stand out more than ones where you're dressed arbitrarily or overly casually. Group together everyone and brainstorm the color theme and style. At the end everyone should have outfits they feel comfortable and confident wearing. The key is to allow time to plan and prepare early.
When choosing the color palette for your family photos, it is important that the color tone(s) is right for your session location and setting and not too busy or heavily patterned that they take away the focus on your family. Usually, a balanced weight of 2 to 3 colors for the family is ideal. If you are not sure what color scheme to go with, natural and neutrals never fail. Try to avoid all black, Neon, and bright red and right blue unless you are very confident and it’s for special reason.
Fashion and styling choices are certainly very broad and personal. If you already have personal favorites for yourself and your family, getting some advice on what to avoid for the photography session maybe all you need.


Neon and very bright colors (especially a lot of them), can be very distracting in a photograph. Be mindful of your use of very bright colors, because that's the first place everyone's eyes will go to.
Stay away from loud patterns and graphic tees . Like these other tips, it takes the focus off of you and draws your eye to the crazy pattern or graphics instead.
I will ALWAYS suggest lighter colors over darker colors. Darker colors can tend to wash you out in photos and direct the attention away from you and onto what you're wearing instead.
As cute as it may seem to have everybody wearing the same plaid, try to avoid being too matchy matchy. Choose outfit colors that compliment each other instead.

Styling Tips for Her

Most likely, you was the one who suggested family photos and will be styling the family, so pick out your favorite outfit first. Then everyone else can coordinate colors and tailor their style around the outfit that makes you feel confident and glorious.
Make sure you are comfortable in your outfit. Confidence comes through in your poses and expressions. If you are worried about the fit of your clothing, the chances are you will not feel relaxed and happy, and that’s going to show in photos.
Flowy dress, especially of fabrics that flow away from the body to avoid underwear lines, is generally the most flattering. However, if they aren't your thing, go with what makes you feel the most beautiful.
This is a great reason to pamper yourself. Get dolled up! It makes you look good as well as feel good and confident for your photos.

Styling Tips for Him

A dad's outfit should be complementary to the mom and kids and the neutral against other patterns or textures. Though dad is usually the easiest to dress for family photography session, there are few things to pay attention and some choice better than the others.
Well-fitted & comfortable
Comfort again is the first to consider when it comes to choosing outfit. It should be well-fitted, not baggy nor clingy while allowing dad to move comfortably.
Wrinkle-free button down shirt or henley
Button down shirt usually work best as it gives your shoulders more structure while not cling to your body. Another good option is henley, which is simple yet stylish. Avoid fabric that too soft such as cotton polo shirts, which can be bumpy and wrinkle like crazy. Opt. for performance, tech, or linen fabric instead
Straight leg pants
straight leg pants work much better than relaxed or tight fit

Styling Tips for Newborn and Baby

All the recommendations for the family still apply when choosing outfit for newborn and baby session. For in-home photo session, also consider the color scheme of your home and choose color that complement what already exists. Often neutral and soft colors, e.g. off white, ivory, beige, grey, and pastel colors, are the best choice for newborns and babies. Not only these colors complement most interiors style, they look beautiful on all skin tones and allow your baby to be in the spotlight of the portrait. Natural soft fabric such as cotton, linen, and silk complement well the babies's delicate skin.

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