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The Importance of Engagement Photos

Congratulations on your engagement!  In the whirlwind of excitement and activity as you plan your wedding, the idea of having professional engagement photos taken may fall toward the bottom of your priority list, or perhaps get overlooked altogether.  However, there are some benefits to having professional engagement photos done.

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First, it is a built-in reason not to postpone the selection of your wedding photographer.  You may not know this, but some wedding photography packages actually come with engagement photos included.  Having them done will help your photographer get to know you better as a couple, both in terms of your personalities and what angles and lighting are most flattering to you.





You can also look at your engagement photos as a precursor to the ones on your wedding day.  For example, women may choose to have their hair and makeup done for these pictures to try out different looks.  Additionally, having an established relationship with the photographer means you have plenty of time prior to the wedding to discuss the specific types of pictures you would like to have taken.  You will also feel more comfortable letting the photographer into your dressing area for the “getting ready” photos if he or she is not a stranger to you.

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Finally, it’s just plain fun!  This will likely be the first time you have ever had professional photos taken as a couple, and since there is no set format for engagement pictures, you can use them to really express yourself and tell a story.  If your first date was on the boardwalk, consider using that as your background.  If you met due to a mutual love of running, have some photos taken in your race gear.  It’s your photo shoot and anything goes, making it a great way to start to your engagement journey.