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April and Steven Photography

We are so blessed and grateful that we can work together side by side capturing important moments in couples’s lives for them, for their children, and their children’s children.


We always photograph together in different ways. We know well each other’s style and habits, characters, strength and weakness, like and dislike so that our works complement each other’s and always complete the picture of an event. We are the best partner for each other who always know what the other is doing.


As a married couple ourselves, we love sharing a couple’s joy of entering their commitments to each other, and witnessing them get united in all their families’ and friends’ blessings. Knowing that our photographs help them remember all these joy vividly and so beautifully for many many years give us smiles all the time.


We are based in central NJ and travel all over NJ and NY. We are also willing to go anywhere your heart desires.

 – April & Steven
April and Steven Photography


I am Steven.

I went to college for IT and concentrated in Multi Media and Graphic Design.

I love graphic design and learned to appreciate all the hard work behind every creative work.

It’s my love for art led me to my first job as a photo editor, retoucher, then an assistant photographer to a second photographer for a NYC top 5 photographer.

Under the photographer’s encouragement, I established my own wedding photography business with my wife.

I love my wife. She is very supportive and encouraging.

Every time I witnessed a couple getting married, taking each other’s hand, and making vows to each other, I relived the time I made vow to April when we got married. It made me want to cry.

I am honored to be a wedding photographer.


– Steven
April and Steven Photography


I am April.

I am a little quiet outside, but inside my brain, it’s always working on new ideas and ways to achieve them.

I studied Chemical Engineering back in college, did well, and got a job. It’s just I could not stop photographing.

I love the calm and focus I have when I see the world through the viewfinder. I love taking pictures of people in a way that they can see they are so beautiful and unique naturally.

I love being with couples in love. Seeing how a man loves a woman doing things just to make her happy warms my heart.

Together with Steven, we love DIY projects and traveling. The best and coolest thing we did was establishing April and Steven Photography.

– April
April and Steven Photography

Style is what we love. We love people.

We love taking photos of people.

We do take photos of the details, the dress, the shoes, the centerpiece, the flower, the antique glass candle holder, the something old, and etc., but it cannot compare to the passion we have to capture a person’s silly acts, heartfelt smile, or happy tear.

We observe, move, wait, and sometime give guidance, just to get the perfect expression at the right angle, right moment. That translate to a beautiful photo that one will cherish forever.

April and Steven Photography, NJ Wedding Photographer
April and Steven Photography, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Style is how we work.

We are about 80% photo journalistic.

We hate interrupting an event so holy and important as one’s wedding. We try our best to hide away, lower ourselves, move quietly so that we don’t block your guests’ view and be noticed as much.

(Of course, when it come to the important time such as ring exchange and first kiss, we will still pop right in the front and make sure we get it!)

We observe and take pictures as the event take place.

The remaining 20%, we will give direction and idea to help you create moments. We mainly do this during photo session.

Style is how we edit the images.

We love natural beauty. We put a lot of effort in editing every single photo to make it looks natural and aesthetic.

We don’t use super saturate color, very high contrast, or unusual color tone to make your photos look just different.

We believe the authenticity in a photo is what makes it be able to stand the test of time and be treasured forever.

April and Steven Photography, New Jersey Wedding Photography
– April & Steven